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Welcome to The Black Women’s Collective.

Take the Leadership Ascension Profile to diagnose the biggest opportunity within your leadership brand and find out how to resolve it.

How well-branded are you?

Being a well-branded female leader can fast-track your career. It means you possess skills that will position you for your next bold move. When you possess these skills it means you’re at the top of your game — and that gives you a distinct advantage.

Take the Leadership Ascension Profile and see where you stack up against our five brand ascension pillars.

Take the Leadership Ascension Profile and see where you stack up against our five brand ascension pillars.


Mental fitness is necessary to manage negative thought habits and patterns that live deep in your unconscious and derail your performance and overall happiness. This is critically important because the way you think influences the way you lead. Since the brain is the control center of our human experience, when you commit to mastering your mind, you’ll get in the driver’s seat of flipping the script on limiting beliefs rather than allowing negative thoughts to hijack your confidence, performance, and ability to lead well.


Your Big Idea around the change you want to make is what seizes people’s attention and loyalty and it’s centered around the new power construct that gets you noticed, known & called upon.


Your Philosophy and well-articulated Point of View related to your industry or endeavor is what informs your leadership identity and primary narrative.


This is all about the presence of your unique brilliance, how you distill your distinction and demonstrate your value in a way that helps others understand how you help them win.


Learning how have the Money Talk and negotiate with confidence, ease and grace is the ultimate path to getting paid well.

Measure your strengths and opportunities for growth in each area,
and use the self-development checklist of next steps to advance your career.


At Black Women’s Collective, we help women brand their brilliance by using the influence of communication to create change.

Our work is accomplished through coaching, mentoring, training, masterminds and wellness experiences. We remain focused on the Vision not the circumstance and all of our work is facilitated through the lens of Sovereignty, Self-Expression, Self-Care & Social Justice.

We want you to be equipped with an understanding of what’s required to be viewed as THE invaluable go-to expert so you can walk into any conversation with ease, confidence and full command of your voice .


Our mission is to dismantle the structure of cultural inequalities by using the influence of communication to drive change: change minds, behaviors and lives by working with people and companies to tackle equity for Black women through a trauma-sensitive lens of Sovereignty, Self-Expression and Self-Care.

When it comes to women in the workplace, Black women have it worse.

“Women are having a worse experience than men. Women of color are having a worse experience than white women. And Black women in particular are having the worst experience of all.”

We would love for you to lock arms on this journey with us!
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