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All-Inclusive – Monthly Membership for Black Corporate Women Leaders Who Are Ready to Seize the Opportunity to Be Recognized, Respected & Paid Well!


To Revolutionize the Way You Lead!

All designed within a safe container for you to center and unpack your experiences with other Black women while activating your reverence, strengthening your leadership & developing your communication skills.

When you join The Club, here’s exactly what you get:

  • Brand Your Brilliance Signature Course
  • Monthly Training
  • Group Coaching
  • On-Demand Courses every 6-8 weeks
  • Quarterly Challenges
  • Bonus Resources


Gain Access to a Proprietary Signature Strengths Assessment + Comprehensive Report & Debrief

Start your Brand Your Brilliance journey off right by completing our Tilt365 Signature Strengths Sel-Assessment.

Here at Black Women’s Collective, we understand that we are all so much more than our personality.

Personality is where our identity begins, but it’s our inner character strengths that determine who we become. Our strengths assessments help you understand how we can be authentic to who we innately are while also remaining bold, feisty and in command. You’ll learn the underlying drivers behind “why” you do what you do. (Value $597)

Brand Your Brilliance Speak Up & Influence Mastermind

Powered by Step Into Your Moxie

All designed within a safe container for you to center and unpack your experiences with other Black women while activating your reverence, strengthening your leadership & developing your communication skills.

The BYB Mastermind is a high-level mastermind for Black women leaders who revel at the thought of becoming a reverent and well-respected thought leader who used her voice as an instrument of change.

Fusing individual and group coaching, business improv, virtual retreats, workshops and the opportunity to speak at our annual Black Women’s Equal Pay Day Experience, the BYB Mastermind is a carefully-curated creative laboratory designed to develop your customized thought-leader campaign, master your vocal empowerment and persuasive communication

skills, create evocative messaging and increase your ability to engage and influence others by giving voice to the ideas and issues that hold weight in your heart.  You will forge forever bonds with an intimate and elite group of other Black women conspiring for your success. 


Key Takeaways include:

  • Navigate real and self-imposed barriers to speaking and leadership presence
  • Compile and practice using words, phrases and gestures that heighten persuasiveness and demonstrate personal leadership
  • Develop key presentation and facilitations skills including storytelling, creating a compelling persuasive case, vocal variety, business humor, and making scientific/factual information come to life.
  • Practice calling people to take action action on your ideas in both low and high-stakes conversations (e.g., team meetings, program or project pitches or negotiations)
  • Weed out vocalized thinking, diminishing words and phrases, and find your authentic leadership style for influence
  • Possess a clear understanding of your speaking style and leverage it when speaking to more senior leaders, colleagues, clients and important stakeholders 

Ascension High-Performance Leader Program

Part heart, part strategy with a proven curriculum that not only improves leadership skills but also produces measurable results.

To compete in today’s global business environment, your business needs Transcendent Leaders – leaders who surpass others in character, transparency, and accountability. This is achieved by becoming a conscious leader, focusing where each individual has the most control: on his or her behaviors and choices, which paradoxically, lead to the most expansive influence on those around them.

Ascension is an intimate group of talented leaders who meet twice monthly with a single-minded purpose:

Show significant, measurable improvements in performance. We do this with relevant, practical content, coaching, facilitation, sharing best practices, and accountability — all directly connected to each participant’s personal situation and performance goals.


  • Get measurable results for your organization while developing leaders.
  • Develop leaders who have impact and can grow your organization.
  • Enjoy lasting, relevant improvements, not short-term gains.


  • Monthly two-hour strategy meetings over ten months.
  • Combination of best practices proven to engage leaders and enable results.
  • Over the course of the program participants are accountable for making results-focused performance gains.
  • Each meeting focuses on one key leadership topic, and participants are accountable for applying that topic to their jobs in ways that get results
  • Private 1-1 coaching included
  • Nourish Circle – monthly heart gatherings explicitly focused on three layers of expansion & elevation:
    • Self-Care: Reframing your current habits with Intention, Attention & Repetition to create a multilayered ritual of deep connection with yourself and others.
    • Sovereignty: Getting you anchored in your Power, Presence & Agency to lead with authority while getting paid to be you.
    • Sisterhood: Sisterhood is a Superpower. We connect in circle with like-spirited sisters around a monthly theme of contemplations that bring you back home to yourself.
  • End of program business retreat and celebration ceremony
  • Facilitated by Felicia Davis, a former HR Executive and seasoned leadership branding adviser
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