Values & Principles

Our BWC Code of Honor

We believe that no Black woman should have to face uncertainty due to lack of support, resources and strategic guidance. The Black Women’s Collective  is committed to shifting that narrative by taking uncertainty out of the picture by providing the support needed to succeed. Below are our Core Values that guide our work everyday and help us move forward with intention and clarity.

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Unapologetic Truth Telling

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Integrity & Radical Responsibility in All that We Do

All of our work is led from a trauma-informed lens and begins with heartfelt integrity. We do not believe in the glamour of slick marketing promises that feel like bait and switch once clients enroll into our programs. The skill of integrity is a learned experience that we not only embody as a lived experience but we teach our clients to do the same by first taking radical responsibility for their results and having the inner fortitude to be 100% committed to the integrity of their leadership.

Depth, Sacredness & Nowhere to Hide

We despise “quick fixes” because they undermine the integrity of our work and ability to have sustainable change. When you enroll in our programs, we take that as you commitment to honoring yourself and being all in with nowhere to hide in order to achieve your goals. We’re unafraid to challenge your thinking and push you to your leading edge in order to unleash your originality. Intimacy is a core pillar of all that we do because we know that intimacy is the breeding ground for transformation. 

Leadership Agility

Leadership agility is about dancing in the storm and embracing the bumps in the road and there are many when you’re taking on the challenge of equality and equity for Black women — and recognizing that we can always choose joy.  We’re committed to being nimble and flexible in the face of uncertainty and chaos as it is a critical skill for a leader. When faced with a challenge, we tune in to get attuned and tune out any unnecessary noise that will only distract us from our Mission.  

Sovereignty, Self-Expression & Self-Care

We place a premium on prioritizing Personal Agency, Self-Expression and Self-Care because we know that this is the foundation of all success. Anything less leads to an abdication of power,  doing unintentional but unpaid labor and burnout. We teach our participants the importance of setting clear boundaries that they enforce  and how to engage in high-stakes conversations in order to get the Respect, Recognition & Pay they deserve.

Doing Our Own Self Work

We know with complete certainty that, as leaders, we can only take other leaders as far as we have gone ourselves, and that it’s essential for us to continuously do our own work. This allows us to rewire our own negative thought patterns, and work through our triggers so that we can be fully present in every conversation, and serve at the highest level. All of our programs include extensive inner work so that participants can then lead with full embodiment and integrity as they implement what they learn.

What will you leave behind?

What will you leave behind when your time is done? How can you positively impact the world with the one life you’ve got? 

Let’s get to it – together.

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