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We Believe…

  • People learn best by working with others and by doing and that learning as it exists today is a failure to imagine a better way to learn.
  • The future of work isn’t just technical and that strategy, creativity and empathy are just as important as any hard skill. That’s why our experience are always a mix go HEART + STRATEGY + HIGH ENGAGEMENT.
  • The rules of leadership and success have fundamentally changed, and we must curate new pathways for achieving both.

Upcoming Events

If you’ve ever wondered what it would feel like to remove the shackles off of your most valuable asset to become the kind of leader who confidently speaks up about what holds weight in your heart and STILL be valued as a respected leader in your industry…

…the Uncensored Yourself 5-Day Virtual Thought Leader Camp is for you!

Camp starts on July 5th and to kick off this adventure, you get warmed up with a few activation exercises to get your juices and your energy flowing.

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Join us for two carefully curated days filled with Artistry (think poetry, spoken word and an evocative celebrity performance of one-woman show) + Strategy (think honest conversations and work sessions) around how you can use your personal power to breakthrough no matter your circumstances + High-Impact Engagement (get ready to experience anything from business improv and facilitated sharing to rotating roundtable discussions, case studies and hot seats).

You’ll be educated and empowered across four primary pillars: Communication, Negotiation, Relationships and Well-Being. You’ll also appreciate our steadfast commitment to an intimate gathering of only 50 like-minded leaders in one room focused on one agenda: Equality, Equity & Agency for Black Women. Plus this year we’re going HYBRID with a virtual room of up to 100 Black women leaders tapping into the experience!

The Magic of a 50/100 Hybrid Mix?

We value the cohort, intimate model of learning.

Too many people in a cohort means that participants will be overwhelmed by a flood of comments, group identity will never coalesce, and individual voices will begin to feel unimportant.

Too few cohort members, on the other hand, and discussions will become weaker, with little opportunity for interaction with a range of fellow learners. To design social and digital learning environments that mirror real working environments, cohort size should reflect the scale of typical extended working teams. Research has found that a cohort size of 50–100 learners is usually best.

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