My name is Felicia Davis and I am the founder of The Black Women’s Collective.

I believe with every fiber of my being that your voice is the source your power and that leadership and powerful communication have the propensity to change the world in insurmountable ways.

What’s amazing is Black women have always been powerful and the power dynamic shifts when you become less concerned about being liked and more concerned about taking a stand for what holds weight in your heart. 

What’s really pisses me off is despite the fact that Black women are the most ambitious and hold the most degrees, when it comes to the workplace, Black women have always had it worse. 

And this needs to change.

The Black Women’s Collective is on a mission to be an Activator, Instigator and Co-Creator of that change.

The Truth Is…  

You’re smart, talented with a track record of success and a bias for action.

And in exchange for all of that,

You deserve to be paid well…PERIOD!

And this is another sad realty…

Things like generational trauma, racial inequities and bias cause Black women to get trapped in a cycle of proving and hustling hard at the expense of their sanity and self-care.

They find themselves hanging on hope while laying low exhausted and emotionally tapped out hoping that results alone will get them an invitation to the rooms where the big decisions are made.

Our world is truly at a critical fork in the road and the stakes have never been higher.


My name is Felicia Davis and I’m a former HR Executive turned Author, Speaker and Brand Strategist. After spending more than two decades as an HR Leader, I left my last corporate job 12 years ago after suffering two-stressed induced strokes.

It is my personal experience and privilege of being on both sides of the decision-making table that drives my commitment to seeing Black women lead and succeed on their own terms.

Leaders engage me when they’ve reached a career plateau and they’re ready to elevate their vision, amplify their voice and scale their visibility.

My years of in-the-trenches corporate experience has shown me that the best leaders are incurable learners with an insatiable appetite for ongoing development. They relentlessly pursue ways to stretch their mind, broaden their experience and improve their results.


Because they want to free themselves from feeling overwhelmed, overworked and under-appreciated and they’re ready to develop a more effective leadership brand, more compelling communication skills and the confidence to show up and lead with radical integrity.

All leaders have a Superpower and mine is helping you lead beyond your comfort zone and brand your brilliance in a way that rewards you with the recognition, respect and pay you deserve.


Additionally, consultants, experts and companies commission me for my:

-Strong ability to see blind spot behavior that compromises progress, positioning and power

-Capability to help you shift into expansive thinking

-Communication skills; particularly with words that influence

-One-of-a-kind, no-nonsense approach to leadership development

-The full-spectrum of hands-on services I offer, specifically designed for high-achieving leaders.

After spending more than two decades as a Human Resources Executive, it’s quite possible

that I have personally experienced and worked with leaders with similar challenges as you. 

This experience, not theory, allows me to know intimately what you need to succeed at

navigating the leadership landscape. My commitment is a partnership that shields you

from being the bottleneck to your success so that you can take your brand and your impact

to the next level.

I’m so excited about the opportunity to

co-create magic with you!

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