Why We Exist

Our mission is to dismantle the structure of cultural inequalities by using the influence of communication to drive change: change minds, behaviors and lives by working with people and companies to tackle equity for Black women through a trauma-sensitive lens of Sovereignty, Self-Expression and Self-Care.

When it comes to women in the workplace, Black women have it worse.

“Women are having a worse experience than men. Women of color are having a worse experience than white women. And Black women in particular are having the worst experience of all.”

The State of Black Women in Corporate America (Lean In)  Black women sit at the intersection of gender and race bias in the workplace.

This manifests as being underpaid, being underrepresented in leadership roles, and experiencing discrimination, amongst other obstacles.

Despite this, the research indicates that Black women are still motivated to seek higher leadership roles in their organizations. The data clearly supports the need for unique responses to address the unique needs of Black women in the workplace. BLACK WOMEN’S COLLECTIVE is a timely response to address these issues.

This data, combined with Felicia Davis’ 26 years of experience as an HR Executive and seeing Black women consistently be passed over was the impetus for founding the organization. But her own corporate experience of being overworked, overwhelmed and eventually having two stress-induced strokes is what drives her unapologetic commitment to revolutionizing the way Black women lead.

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