The Black Women’s Collective is a non-profit organization that empowers Black women to reclaim their agency by using their experience, expertise and voice as a catalyst for change.

Our Mission is to dismantle the structure of cultural inequalities by using the influence of communication to drive change.

Our ‘secret sauce’ is teaching leaders, and those who develop them, how to brand their brilliance through the five circles of our Ascension Framework.

Whether you are interested in private coaching, group coaching or a self-guided online course, there are many ways we can partner. The Ascension Programs are focused on helping you on your path to making your next bold move through the following five circles of engagement.

  • Mindset: Mental fitness is necessary to manage negative thought habits and patterns that live deep in your unconscious and derail your performance and overall happiness. This is critically important because the way you think influences the way you lead. Since the brain is the control center of our human experience, when you commit to mastering your mind, you’ll get in the driver’s seat of flipping the script on limiting beliefs rather than allowing negative thoughts to hijack your confidence, performance, and ability to lead well.
  • Movement: Your Big Idea around the change you want to make is
    what seizes people’s attention and loyalty and it’s centered
    around the new power construct that gets you noticed, known & called upon.
  • Message: Your Philosophy and well-articulated Point of View related to your industry or endeavor is what informs your leadership identity and primary narrative..
  • Magic: This is all about the presence of your unique brilliance, how you distill your distinction and demonstrate your value in a way that helps others understand how you help them win.ell.
  • Money: Learning how have the Money Talk and negotiate with confidence, ease and grace is the ultimate path to getting paid well. well.

Would You like to See Results Like These?

About Your Mentor

My name is Felicia Davis and I’m a former HR Executive turned Author, Speaker and Brand Strategist. Leaders engage me when they’ve reached a career plateau and they’re ready to elevate their vision, amplify their voice and scale their visibility.

My years of in-the-trenches corporate experience has shown me that the best leaders are incurable learners with an insatiable appetite for ongoing development. They relentlessly pursue ways to stretch their mind, broaden their experience and improve their results.


Because they want to free themselves from feeling overwhelmed, overworked and under-appreciated and they’re ready to develop a more effective leadership brand, more compelling communication skills and the confidence to show up and lead with radical integrity.

All leaders have a Superpower and mine is helping you lead beyond your comfort zone and brand your brilliance in a way that rewards you with the recognition, respect and pay you deserve.

Additionally, consultants, experts and companies commission me for my:

-Strong ability to see blind spot behavior that compromises progress, positioning and power

-Capability to help you shift into expansive thinking

-Communication skills; particularly with words that influence

-One-of-a-kind, no-nonsense approach to leadership development

-The full-spectrum of hands-on services I offer, specifically designed for high-achieving leaders.

After spending more than two decades as a Human Resources Executive, it’s quite possible that I have personally experienced and worked with leaders with similar challenges as you. This experience, not theory, allows me to know intimately what you need to succeed at navigating the leadership landscape. My commitment is a partnership that shields you from being the bottleneck to your success so that you can take your brand and your impact to the next level.

I’m so excited about the opportunity to co-create magic with you!

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