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One of the hardest things I still struggle with is fear.

And it shows up in many different forms like…

…fear of rejection

…fear of failure

…fear of not being seen

…fear of being seen

…fear of success

But the thing that I fear the most is…

…fear of not making a difference in a way that impacts lives and leaves a legacy for those who rely on me to show up.

Although it may not look like it from the outside looking in, I’m sure you can relate. What’s so beautiful about fear is that when it shows up, it’s an indication that you’re leaning into your edge and when you take action, in spite of, you’re pushing past resistance and further into your growth zone.

As you may know, I’m currently in the midst of a 7-city empowerment tour called Black Women Elevate and during the training, I teach my Cycle of Elevation and the two forms of fear that are steeped inside of it.  It’s what I have learned about fear that allows me to show up and serve even on the days when fear is trying to take control and lead the show.

Those two types of fear are known as Pachad & Yirah. They originated from the Jewish community and one holds you hostage and while the other one pulls you forward.

Pachad is the fear of imagined things and threats that feel very real but aren’t. It shows up anytime we perceive a potential threat to our emotional comfort zone and it tries to protect us from emotional risks that we actually need to take in order to break through.

Yirah, on the other hand, is the fear that pulls us forward because it feels like we’re in flow with our calling. It moves us into expansive thinking and it’s the feeling that overcomes us when we inhabit a larger space than we’re accustomed to. When we’re in the Yirah type of fear, we get more energized than ever before and it’s that energetic presence that pulls us forward.

After spending more than 25 years of my professional life doing this work, I still bump up against fear, and I share this with you, because I want you to be ok with feeling fear too, but from a place of knowing that it can serve you in a big way. The reality is that as long as you are committed to a path of growth, transformation and helping others do the same, bumping up against fear will be more of the norm for you.

Even in the normalcy of it, I could not consistently show up and serve at a high level without having my own commitment to learning, development, mentoring AND staying in action. And so it’s only right that I mention all of the fear and resistance that showed up when I decided to create and open the doors to the Black Women’s Elevation Circle – a gift that was given to me to give to you.(-;  It’s a branding and leadership development and mentoring program uniquely designed to meet the specific needs of emerging and experienced Black women leaders who are charged with strategic decision-making and driving results.

Part of my resistance was around having the time to dedicate to an ongoing program with no real end date, staying committed to it irregardless of how many people enroll, how to structure the program so that it serves but doesn’t overwhelm, how to keep members engages and oh yes what to charge to make it an easy Yes but also rewards me for the value of what I deliver.

And honestly, all of those things could have very easily make me say ‘Forget it’…but I didn’t because I am truly committed to seeing Black women win and I recognize that the fear and resistance that comes with this part of my own growth is highly steeped in Yirah!  The Black Women’s Elevation Circle is one way for me to honor my commitment to me and you.  It’s also one of the most budget-conscious, content/context rich programs that I’ve created and I have complete confidence that it will truly revolutionize the way you lead! While I strongly advise that you commit to at least 3 months to experience a transformative shift, the program is designed to be an open, on-going structure with monthly engagement.

You’re invited to join during the launch period to take advantage of special membership pricing and bonus goodies that you get immediate access to when you enroll. Click the link below to get all of the details and make the decision to join us today!

Whether the Black Women’s Elevation Circle is the program for you or not, stay on the journey and ask yourself: What mirror work AND unfinished business do I need to address as I leave this part of my leadership journey and enter the next? 

Answer this question honestly and know that the next Elevated version of you is waiting to emerge!

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