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5 Costly Mistakes Every Black Woman Must Avoid When Branding Her Brilliance!

Your voice is the personality of your brand. Whatever you want to be known for should govern and guide how you communicate, because it’s what will resonate with those you need to impact and influence. Whether you’re an employee or entrepreneur, people need to see a consistent voice in all of your communications in a way that speaks directly to them.  Below are five common mistakes you could be making with your brand voice.

1.     Lack of a Clear & Compelling Message

Just like your personality in regular life, your brand voice needs to tell people who you are. It should deliver a message that conveys your core values. If you’re all about innovation and bold risk-taking, your communication needs to convey that. If the main core value you want your audience to resonate with is security and reliability, this is what your tone and voice should say. Make sure you’re telegraphing a clear and compelling message with your audience.

2.     Making Too Many Assumptions and Not Enough Observations

In order to define and craft language that speaks to your audience, you need to know your audience well. One of the ways that we tend to self-sabotage is by operating in a silo and relying solely on the voices in our head instead of being more present to what’s happening around us and gathering objective observational data. You may think you know your audience, but get out there and engage them and gather their feedback so that you know for sure.

3.     Being Inconsistent

If your voice isn’t consistent, cracks begin to appear in your branding. I had an exchange with a client last night who is currently trying to decide where she wants to place her vocal stake in the ground among a few passions that she has. By the end of our exchange, she was very clear and actually announced it in our Facebook community. This is such a critical part of your brand because it also speaks to your credibility and if you’re all over the place, you’ll lose trust, be ignored and you certainly will not be taken seriously. Make sure that your voice is consistent everywhere you’re communicating with the public, both online and in person.

4.     So What?

Even with good core values based on objective observational data and consistency, you still may suffer from lack of originality. What good is a well-crafted brand voice if you  sound like everybody else? You must find a way to make your voice unique, just like the different aspects of your personality make it uniquely yours. This is how your brand stands out from the crowd. One of the first and most important places to start with your level of distinction is through your story. Understand how to unpack the most salient and relevant pieces of your story and learn to tell it well.

5.     Inability to be Nimble and Pivot When Necessary

Finally, your brand voice will crash and burn if you do not pay attention to the changes in your market and update accordingly. It takes a great deal of work to define and implement a brand voice, but it also requires occasional review and, if necessary, changes. Maintain good two-way communication with your audience and watch your competitors and the market for changes. This is how you keep your voice relevant, relatable and irresistible!

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