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Sunday, October 14, 2018

Private Location in Downtown NYC

1pm – 5pm


Calling all smart, savvy, ambitious BLACK WOMEN LEADERS…

Join us for our signature event Black Women ELEVATE, a LIVE in-person experience designed to REVOLUTIONIZE the way you lead!

As a former HR Executive and Black woman who had the advantage of sitting on both sides of the table, I know that we love the idea of being recognized as leaders but unfortunately, we aren’t invited into enough of the right rooms that teach us the real mechanics of being a leader of impact and influence…one that transforms hearts, minds and the bottom line.  ELEVATE is that room!

Yes, it’s true that leadership is our birth-right but… leaders of impact and influence aren’t born, they’re made.



We LOVE owning and stepping into the box on the left

but we unfortunately AREN’T INVITED into enough of the right rooms that help us become the leader on the right

In fact, we’re often known for being educated, ambitious and having a strong work ethic and while that’s great, it also becomes our blind-spot because working incredibly hard is not enough to catalyze our leadership in a way that gets us recognized, respected and paid well.

In order for us to get paid for the full value of our contribution, there is a triple bottom line that must be met and it’s deeply hinged in our:


Our Reputation gets us access…

Our Relationships expand access…

Our Results get us paid well and positions us to ascend at an accelerated pace!

And even though Black women are the most educated group in the U.S., when that triple bottom line isn’t met, it leads to 44% of Black women feeling like their career is stalled.

This messes with our psyche and causes us to worry incessantly about some of the exact challenges that ELEVATE will address.

Things like:

ELEVATE is equal parts Heart & Strategy because you need both to thrive and succeed as a Black Female Leader.

It’s a fun, engaging day of deep thinking, transformational dialogue and training designed to spur action and inspire us to say,

“What if…?”

Just imagine being in a room of purpose-driven, high-performing Black women leaders learning what it takes to level-up and lead in a way that positions you for your next bold move.

Can you relate to any of these?

  • You yearn to have a bigger impact in the lives of others but you’re unsure of where to start.
  • You’re smart and really good at what you do yet you’re being treated like a commodity.
  • You’ve been passed over and ignored for opportunities even though you’re clearly more qualified.
  • You’re starting to realize that unless you do something different, your desire to be respected and rewarded as a valuable contributor will be nothing more than a dream.

If you’re nodding your head in agreement to any of the above, mark your calendar now and make plans to join us! This event is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to be in the right room with the right conversations that will help transform your leadership in a way that has meaning, purpose, impact and value.


How the Day Unfolds…

Our agenda isn’t filled with informational fluff because we know there are plenty of other events you can attend for that. We’ve purposefully curated an experience designed to disrupt any patterns of mediocre thinking by guiding you to breakthrough results in the following four areas:


Gone are the days of laying low and taking solace in your comfort zone. ELEVATE is designed to connect with what’s possible when you move into expansive thinking that pushes you out of your comfort zone but fully aligns with who you are. You’ll leaving understanding the power of having an amplified Vision so that you can create your own and show up more confident as a Black woman leader.


In the wake of the ‘Me Too’ revolution, we are seeing a lot of women take back their power and this is just the beginning and it also creates a massive opportunity for us to step up and lead. In order to eliminate ‘Me-Too’ type of commodity treatment, you must be willing to be a highly visible and valued strategic voice in your industry.  It’s important that your voice mirrors your vision and this requires you to place a vocal stake in the ground and guard it fiercely! At ELEVATE, we will explore what it looks and feels like to amplify your voice by defining what values have the most power in your heart. In fact, not everyone will agree with what you value, but your solid stance will challenge others to think about their own stake in the ground and this is one of the ultimate responsibilities of a Black female leader. You’ll craft a specific statement that is your guidepost for what you are a stand for.


Nothing happens until you take action but not just any action…bold, courageous action that requires you to be vulnerable, vocal and visible. You must get clear on where to be visible and how. We’ll walk you though the six levels of strategic visibility so that you can forever banish that ugly FOMO syndrome (fear of missing out) and stop waisting your time with things that are distractions and take your focus away from what matters.


Success starts with you but it doesn’t happen in a silo. You need resonance and connection with other high-performing leaders. ELEVATE is designed to take you out of isolation and connect you with other like-minded leaders who not only resonate with you but will support you in a meaningful way on your journey to amplifying your Vision, Voice and Visibility.

We will wrap up the day with an invitation for you to continue the journey with us through our year-round Workshops, Masterclasses, Leadership Salons and Retreats!


Felicia is one of the voices of the modern Female Leader. She started her career as an HR Assistant spending 20+ years in the trenches helping create success for companies like NCR, Kodak, Manpower, T-Mobile & Chubb Insurance. She quickly rose up to the ranks of HR Executive and played a major role in human capital engagement by implementing a high performer retention strategy that resulted in a reduction in turnover and a $750K recruitment savings across five lines of business.

She works with emerging and experienced women leaders to develop more effective leadership brands, more compelling communication skills and the confidence to show up and lead with radical integrity. She is most often called upon for her:

  • Ability to see blind spot behavior that gets in the way of progression
  • Capability and capacity to shift you into expansive thinking
  • Communication prowess that unlocks creativity and
  • One-of-a-kind, no-nonsense approach to leadership development

Felicia’s public speaking appearances educate, engage and inspire women to fully step into their power as leaders. Named as a “Woman of Excellence” by the National Council of Negro Women, Felicia has personally worked with hundreds of women using her proprietary branding process to help them develop compelling communication and leadership skills that position them to be recognized, remembered and recommended for high-visibility projects!



Prior to working with Felicia, I interviewed for my current job two times to no avail and when it came open again, I knew that I really needed to focus on clarifying my passion and skills. After just two Power Sessions with Felicia, I gained a better perspective on my goals and assets and was able to confidently secure my dream job!

Dr. Felicia Durden, Principal, Cartwright School District

I am so inspired by Felicia’s zeal, passion and strong commitment to women! I also appreciate the nurturing and support she has personally given me towards actualizing my dreams. She really put a fire underneath me to stop procrastinating and really go out and do what I say I am committed to

Vanessa Williams, Actress

Due to the power of this program, I am a proud alumni and happy to be returning to grow even more! Felicia has designed it to be a unique, interactive online experience that forces you to dig deep and look at yourself. It’s not for the faint of heart but I did finish my book and negotiate a pay increase the last time I participated! I re-enrolled because I had fallen off my wagon in some ways and had lost momentum and I’m so glad that I did. I now have a clearer idea of my personal brand story, the subtle nuances and changes in the story as a result of personal growth since the last time I participated and I have the tools I need to get focused on building my brand in a higher way as I head into 2017.

Tonika Breeden, Speaker & Author

Felicia’s words of wisdom and step-by-step systems have definitely inspired me to get into action and to lead with purpose! Putting what I learned to use has allowed me to survive 3 rounds of staffing cut-backs and increased leverage and influence within my company. The tools and strategies that Felicia provides helped me to stay focused, in action and getting results- at a much faster pace that I could have ever done on my own.

Terri Babineaux, Systems Engineer

Meet the Speakers & Co-Creators of Your Black Women Elevate New York Experience

All amazing women from different walks of life

with one thing in common:

Leading on Their Own Terms

Felicia Davis
Felicia Davis Author, Speaker & Brand Strategist
Lucinda Cross
Lucinda CrossAuthor, Keynote Speaker & Media Personality

About This Experience and How It Works

Early in your career, you likely needed a lot of hands-on guidance and information. But as a more experienced and more accomplished leader, my guess is what you need now more than ever is dedicated time, a place and a framework for upleveling in a way that will set you up for success. And…doing it with a group of Black female leaders who will inspire you as much as you do them is like the icing on the cake!

With that in mind, ELEVATE is not well-suited for everyone.

If you…

  • Require a lot of ‘hand-holding’ instead of engaging in elevated thought and conversation.
  • Aren’t willing to own your experience, remove your mask and play full out.
  • Are looking for formulas, templates and done-for-you anything.
  • Are resistant to bold, out-of-the-box thinking that requires you to leave your comfort zone

ELEVATE is not a good fit for you and will likely cause you more frustration as we’ll bump up against everything you aren’t ready to release.

Once You Say ‘Yes’, Your Elevation Requires You to…

Be Fully Committed

Saying Yes to ELEVATE is saying to yourself and it is a commitment…You’re a “Yes Yes. Or No”. There is no in between. If something happens and you can’t attend ELEVATE in person, your ticket is NONREFUNDABLE, however it is TRANSFERRABLE to another person.

Leave Your Mask at Home

Before you can ELEVATE, you must EXCAVATE so we ask that you show up ready to get unhooked from that which gets in your way. Be willing to fully embody this: ‘Yes’ I am good at what I do and ‘Yes’ I am here to get better.’ Tell your ‘Perfectionist Queen’ to take a chill pill so that the power of your full presence can shine through.

Own Your Experience

Great leaders take full responsibility for how they show up. And Owning Your Experience is how we run our events. We PROMISE to show up 100% and we will give you the most powerful, most impactful and kick-ass experience that we know how to give.

Arrive at ELEVATE ready to share what you most desire as a leader. Hide nothing. Hold nothing back. Take action. Even when you’re afraid. Remember…where fear resides, so does desire. Be willing to be vulnerable and lean into your edge.




We’ll be elevating at a private location in Downtown New York!

I would love to welcome you to a room full of Black women buzzing with excitement, fired up and ready to rise. In my 15 years of hosting events, I’ve learned to always trust the process and serve at my highest level whether there are 10, 20 or 50 women in the room. We can’t wait to Elevate with you!

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