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Helping Black Women Crack the Code of Leadership Success

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I am a stand for the success of Black women and I’m committed to helping you revolutionize the way you lead!

Hi, I’m Felicia Davis and I’m so excited that you’ve found your way here! The Black Women’s Collective is a carefully curated community of conscious thought-leaders and industry experts working collaboratively to help Black women crack the code of leadership success. Our range of leadership training, educational programs and events are tailored to serve, support and elevate you on your leadership journey.

Why? Because studies consistently confirm that while Black women are smart and ambitious high-performers, 44% feel that their career is stalled. This becomes a losing battle when you couple this with the fact that Black women also suffer from lack of comfortable, trusted, strategic relationships necessary to ascend to higher levels within the organization.

Whether you’re an employee or entrepreneur, this is a universal issue for Black women and we’re committed to helping you eliminate anything that can get in the way of your success. Click here to learn more about our Black Women Elevate 6-City Tour Experience.  It’s a one day empowerment experience designed to show you what it takes to Brand Your Brilliance by elevating your Vision, Voice & Visibility. I’d love to meet you in person in one of our tour cities. Early-bird tickets are only $97. Grab your girlfriends and join us!

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